About Us


Owner - Baron Juhl

 My resume isn't anything special, I just have included a lot of odd trained skills in what I know how to do. I joined the Marine Corps out of high school and spent 4 years as an armorer, became an EMT before I got out and then tacked on a skill bridge to become a hydroponicist. Now I sell guns, grow cucumbers, and sling as much lead as I can. I've attended Pine Technical College for their firearms technician certificate. In my spare time I'm an amateur USPSA production shooter and I attend a 300m Match every month to work on my rifle accuracy and to do some mild pressure testing on different rifles. 

I'm including some of the sources here in my bio that I frequent and have found to provide quality knowledge. 

Primary & Secondary - https://primaryandsecondary.com/

Soldier Systems - http://soldiersystems.net/